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Welcome to CiviCARROT!

Who is this for?

If you maintain a CiviCRM extension on this is for you! This will give you a quick way to enable both front and backend automated testing against your extension on every single Merge Request and/or periodic scheduled testing.


  • At the moment your extension can't have any packaging steps. It needs to be installable right after a git clone.
  • The logs of the test runs are publicly viewable.
  • Only "regular" CiviCRM php backend unit tests or Mink frontend tests are supported. Other javascript-only frameworks are not currently supported.

FAQ - What does CiviCARROT stand for?

Civi CiviCRM Automated Runner Running Otomated Tests

FAQ - Do I need to sign up each extension separately?

No, you can use the same token for all your extensions and each run will be tracked separately and can be categorized by repository and even per merge request.

FAQ - What happens after I sign up?

You will receive an email with further instructions. Mostly all you need to do is set up a webhook at your extension's repository and then write some tests! A sample test you can copy to your extension is provided to get you started.

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  • Using CiviCARROT is no guarantee that your extension will be awesome and free of any defects!
  • Abuse, attempting to disrupt the service, or unreasonably excessive use of the service will result in suspension etc.
  • If you agree to use this service you agree to abide by the CiviCRM Code of Conduct


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless CiviCARROT and its contractors, and its licensors, and their respective directors, etc., etc.

Legal Liability/Disclaimer

  • CiviCARROT is not a subsidiary, division, agent, or affiliated with CiviCRM LLC.